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A Dining experience not to be missed

At Oar Restaurant in Doolin we offer a unique dining experience with its focus on rustic fine dining right in the heart of Doolin!

The restaurant prides itself on using the freshest ingredients sourced from local butchers, fishmongers, and farmers.

Kieran O' Halloran

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The restaurant is highly acclaimed, having been recognized in the 2024 Michelin Guide for Ireland, and has won awards such as the YesChef Awards for “Best Restaurant in Ireland”, “Best Fine Dining in Ireland”, and “Best Chef in Ireland” in 2022. The menu showcases local produce, with dishes expertly crafted by Head Chef Cezary Sodel, offering a range of options to suit all tastes.

About Us

Kieran O’ Halloran left school at 15 years of age to focus on food. He joined CERT in Galway to begin his studies, however, having worked in kitchens from the age of 11 Kieran found that he was learning nothing new so decided to move to Edinburgh at 16 to study Hotel Management and Business.


Having earned his degree Kieran moved to London where he worked front of house assisting the food and beverage manager and growing his skills. There followed a move to Aberdeen in 1992, when Kieran leased his first restaurant (Hobsons) at the age of 19.

Why Us

At OAR Doolin, the rustic fine dining experience transforms into a relaxing and sociable environment, emphasizing a connection with both the cuisine and fellow diners. This approach ensures that guests are not just eating but enjoying a culinary event. This lack of a formal dress code further enhances the inviting atmosphere, making it a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of attire, to appreciate exceptional food surrounded by good company.


The emphasis on detail reflects through every aspect of OAR Doolin, particularly in the curated wine selection. Kieran O’Halloran, the restaurateur and owner, is passionate about fine wines and this enthusiasm is evident in the restaurant’s wine list. By selecting only the finest wines and serving them in high-quality glassware, OAR Doolin assures an elevated dining experience.